Attorney David Silver has specialized in the creation and structuring of business entities for 30 years.  He has worked with countless clients in a variety of businesses to identify the most advantageous ways to do business.  His background as a CPA enables him to apply a broader approach to these efforts, serving his clients’ many needs, such as:

  • Structuring joint ventures through the creation of limited liability companies, partnerships, and corporations,
  • Formations, dissolutions, mergers, and acquisitions,
  • Corporate finance, refinance, and secured transactions,
  • Both creditors’ rights and debtors’ rights,
  • Employment and separation agreements

Partnership with BWMS enables David to provide corporate legal expertise for business entities of all sizes, market segments, and stages of growth, including for-profit and nonprofit entities.  The BWMS practice is national in scope and clients range from start-up ventures to Fortune 20 corporations.

To Discuss Your Business,
please contact David at [email protected].